• Christopher Angelo

On Oaths & Strange F(a)eri(e) Fruits

Make no mistake, the Gods tend our Oaths.. as they tend to the Current.. and an Initiate that has truly broken their Oaths in the ways in which the Gods find unpalatable will face their divine retribution. I, as an Initiate, have ZERO business tending to the Oaths that others took (and really, unless I was at their Initiation I have zero knowledge of the actual oath sworn - for they differ line to line - if they were passed one at all).

My responsibility as a healthy priest is to tend to my own Oath.. to heal myself.. to bring beauty into the world.. to Love.

Faerie is a strange land, filled with trees that bear strange fruit. Some of them heal you, and some of them cause you to go belly up. I've tasted the fruit that heals. It was passed to me by Storm Faerywolf and Vee Dub at my Initiation. I planted it in my Garden, and one day I shall pass it to those I Initiate.

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