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Nimue Through The Bright Mirror

Part of the magic I have been exploring, as Holder of the Iridescent Wand, is to explore my relationship with the Gods. I have created a personal meditation which I refer to as "The Bright Mirror" to help shift the perceived gender of the Gods and to see what other insights come forward when we play with the spectrum of energy that is available to the Divine.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of "speaking" with Nimue.. catching glimpses of her Other half.. and then she showed me Him.

Fierce, Proud, Protective. Golden Haired, Sun-kissed Skin. Fingers caked with blood and dirt, and a smile that dripped blood.

Raw and Primal.

She Gathers, but He Hunts.. and yet they showed me how each is the same but different.


An aspect of Her I've not heard people talk about.. and yet Her Mysteries and Lessons are so full of this subtle lesson. I laugh out loud that it was so obvious it was hidden. Childhood at its Fullest. Joy at its Fullest. Sex/Pride/Self/Power/Passion at its Fullest. The Black Heart of Innocence..

Me At My Fullest.

Silence at it's Fullest.

* * *

Image called "Poker Face" by Daniel Kulinski

* * *

Nimue Through The Bright Mirror

Laughing child,

Playful Hunter.

Golden haired

and Jagged Toothed.

Dirt caked fingernails

reach towards heaven

as silent steps stalk his prey.

Lion Spirited Child

who chased me down

who tore my heart out

who laughed as my body cooled in the summer sun

who painted the sigils upon my flesh

who danced down the blue flames

who turned my heart Black

and brought me back

Lion Spirited Child

whose breath smells of Lavender

whose kisses taste of blood

whose feather light touches are electric

whose powers call me back again and again..

Lion Spirited Child

I dance with you

I stalk you

I am stalked by you.

Life and Death and Life Again.

Golden Hunter

Playful Lion

Bountiful Laughing Boy

-Christopher Angelo

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