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Diana, Enfolding

I've been working a bit with a prayer/exercise from Francesca DeGrandis. It is a beautiful and powerful working for times when we need comfort and solace. Francesca describes this as "An exercise in passion, prayer and visualization."

Diana the Huntress by Guillaume Seignac (1870-1924)

Here are the words:


enfold me in your embrace.

Comfort me in the wailing of my heart and the sorrow that wracks my back and chest.

Let YourSelf shine down upon me: Your Moon Self.

Hold me.

Be with me.

Let me feel your loving presence.

Send the Bird of Heaven to me, to enter my heart and fill me with your Spirit.

But as with all things, the words are only the first hint of the Mystery. The visualization that goes along with this should be fairly obvious... the Goddess Diana, comforting and holding you in those body-wracking moments of sorrow and pain bestowing upon you her loving presence and filling you with her Spirit.

This visualization and prayer done before Kala has been intensely powerful for me.. bathing my sorrow in the love of the goddess before putting that sorrow "into the cup", co-transforming it from Sorrow into Light and drinking that Power back into my body and spirit.

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