The Anderson F(a)eri(e) Tradition is an initiatory path of contemporary American Traditional Witchcraft. It is an ecstatic tradition (rather than fertility based tradition) stemming from the teachings of Victor and Cora Anderson. It is a unique and diverse spiritual path of passion, inspiration and sorcerous soul development.

Hallmarks of the F(a)eri(e) tradition (also spelled Feri, Faerie, Faery, Fairy, etc.) include shamanic practices, as well as a growing legacy of symbolic, meditational and inner exercises. A highly personal path, it has old and strange roots; influences that include African & Celtic spirituality, Huna, esoteric Christianity, sexual mysticism, Middle-Eastern theology, ecstatic practice, and many others. Core teachings include the concepts of the Three Souls, the Iron and Pearl Pentacles, the Black Heart of Innocence as well as an emphasis on trance experiences and developing a personal experience of the divine. The Tradition also passes a specific energetic current.


While some lineages place an emphasis on certain deities or pantheons there is not a universal pantheon amongst F(a)eri(e)s. However, a few specific deities are given special importance in most lines of the Tradition. In addition to the Gods, F(a)eri(e)s also work with Seven Guardians. The Guardians are the seven primordial beings associated with the directions North, South, East, West, Above, Below and Center.

Storm Faerywolf said it best when he said "We are those who stand between; the primal and the divine… the light and the darkness… the spirit and the flesh. As in the Old Tales we call the trance upon ourselves; induced madness so as to ride the waves of dream and inspiration… to seek the gifts of power and prophecy. We dance around the fire to the beat of the drum and we become possessed by our Gods who infuse us with their power and teach us how to live, and thrive, to die, and to evolve. We journey beneath the world to seek healing, power, and vision… treasures beyond those known in the Middle World… and we return to share what we have learned with those who have the eye to see. And those without will turn about, and never hear the fatal shout!"

Christopher is currently offering in person & distance training in the BlueRose Lineage of Feri. He lives in the Boston area. Please contact him for more information.